Our evaluation service offers artists, managers and their affiliates the opportunity to receive professional feedback from Blink producers and engineers.
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Blink Music offers artist consultations ranging from a brief meeting with our staff to a full one-hour consultation with producer Tim Lukas.
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Whether it's planning, producing and recording a 10-song CD or coordinating a 60-second radio spot with custom music, Blink has done it all. Our commitment to excellence allows us to achieve the highest quality of work found in only the world’s most prestigious studios. We specialize in everything from Contemporary to Classical Recordings, working with Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Instrumental, and Solo artists.


Our facility is revered in Boston for classical piano and vocal recordings. Additionally, our expert staff makes the studio ideal for small ensemble recordings. Blink’s cutting edge Pro Tools HD System allows for the fastest loading and processing times on the market and lets us quickly adapt our recording technique to your specifications while maintaining a high-quality signal. Our Petrof grand piano provides some of the greatest tones from one of the world’s greatest pianos. We also offer an on-location setup consisting of several high-resolution digital recorders and microphones. Given an appropriate acoustical setting, we are capable of capturing your performance in a highly detailed and efficient way.


Blink features the most breathtaking and accurate monitoring system imaginable. This system redefines transparent, dynamic and accurate sound production. With a combination of the best audio cables money can buy, a powerful sound editing system such as Pro Tools HD, and the highly trained ears of our engineers, you are assured the highest level of sonic accuracy on your stereo or surround sound mix. This allows for higher sound quality on a wider range of systems. In addition, when you consider the power of Blink Music’s plug-in library, your recordings will exceed your expectations.


The Blink experience along with our monitoring systems and mastering tools enable us to utilize an unmatched mastering process that delivers sonic excellence. Our team’s expertise, equipment and attention to detail will deliver a final product that will carry through the richness, clarity and depth of the studio. Our use of high fidelity mastering enhances the overall quality of the sound while bringing to the forefront the little details that make a track great.

On Location Recording

Capture the sound of live performances in their unique setting, from small rooms to concert halls and churches. Blink Music’s on-location engineers have recorded instrumentalists, singers, small ensembles, choirs, and a cappella groups throughout New England. From celebrities to high school groups, we have provided excellent sounding recordings through our experience, ears and the use of highest quality microphones, pre-amps, converters and other recording tools. Talk with us about adding one, two or even three high definition video cameras to capture your performance for visual media. You will be surprised how good it sounds and looks.

Video Production

Blink Music produces high quality videos for artists, on-location shoots for on-location recordings, concert documentaries, DVDs for competitions, commercials and training and educational visual media. Our clients include HBO, international artists, both classical and contemporary, Carl Fischer Music, New York and our own artists that are in production with head producer Tim Lukas. Our product’s quality benefits from our sound design and scoring capabilities as well as to our commitment to a high level of detail. The Blink Music team is actively collaborating with some of the best video and computer graphic artists to maximize impact, deliver on schedule and surprise with creative and fresh approaches. Working with today’s most powerful computer technology for editing and postproduction as well as having several high definition cameras available, we are able to deliver top quality products and delight our clients.

Artist Production

In the early stages of a career, artists are often overwhelmed by the demands of finding their musical identity. Blink Music has a team of producers and arrangers that assist in all aspects of an artist’s career. Blink offers strong pre-production and co-writing and song development services, in order to provide the artist with direction in their music. We also supply the artist with valuable A&R contacts within the industry as well as several post-production services such as CD design, photography and copyright, trademark and legal protection. Learn more about artist production here.


Blink Music is one of the leading scoring studios in the North East, now featuring high end technology with all major sampling libraries, comparable to the ones used by the top scorers in Los Angeles and NYC. The team at Blink also enjoys Boston's largest collection of samplers, synths, and MIDI gear. The realism of this system needs to be heard to be believed. Learn more about Blink Music Scoring here.

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