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Equipped with the latest recording technology, Blink Studios features a loft style layout that allows daylight to enter the studio, creating a comfortable, natural atmosphere. Our unique division-less mix/recording room features 16 foot ceilings and a heavy-duty isolated sound booth, while ensuring optimal acoustics for recording, mix down, and mastering.

Blink Music is located in Cambridge Massachusetts, right across from Boston’s Back Bay, and offers a diverse assortment of technology and tradition, form and function, and anything in between.






Founder, Producer, Composer, Mastering Engineer

Tim writes, produces, mixes and masters professionally both in Europe and the United States. As a graduate of Germany’s prestigious Tonmeister program, considered to be the most intensive music engineering program in the world, Tim was invited to the Berklee College of Music as a Fulbright Scholar, graduating with a triple major in Music Production, Piano Performance, and Composition. 
Tim trained with top international producers, artists and engineers within a variety of musical styles, contributing to his wide range as a producer. He also frequently writes and co-writes for artists and composes for musical theater, film and videogame scores. After having freelanced and participated in world-class recording facilities, he founded Blink Music Studios in Boston for his own productions. Blink Music quickly gained a reputation for sonic excellence and has attracted top talents from classical music to contemporary.




Engineer, sound designer, composer, piano, keys, vocals.

Talented musician and engineer trained at Berklee College of Music

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Digital media, music business, production & studio logistics.

With a solid career in business and IT, Veronica will create awesome visuals for you, and will make sure your session or project runs smoothly.



Tim Bongiovanni

Producer, Composer, Recording Engineer

Tim B. is one of the most sought after engineers at Blink Music and excels in recording, programming, editing, and mixing. He is also an avid on-location recording engineer and FITS trainer, specializing in vocal production and acapella. His passions include film scoring and singing. He graduated from Berklee with a double major in contemporary writing/production and music synthesis. Tim B. has recorded and mixed a wide scope of projects and is actively writing and arranging for new artists.


Tom Keery

Producer, Recording Engineer, Keys and Guitar

Tom graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Film Scoring and is a distinguished Film Scorer, Engineer and guitarist. Tom trained with Tim Lukas at Blink Music and is a veteran of the FITSprogram. He is involved in several productions, engineering, and arranging. As a musician, Tom plays guitar and keyboard for Boston rising star singer/songwriter Alexis Babini. Tom travels between NYC and Boston and is on-staff at Blink Music as a sought after engineer and has several on location FITS students. 


Baris Perker

Composer, Recording Engineer

Baris, winner of numerous orchestral composition awards, is a classically trained pianist and composer. Baris, born in Turkey, joined the Blink Scoring Division and has been a great addition to our team. His in-depth knowledge, conducting, composing and orchestration skills make him a joy to work with at Blink Music. Baris takes his work very serious, yet never loses the friendly and helpful attitude he impressed us with when he started. He is technically as savvy as he is musically and pushes our newest Apple high-end sampling stations to the max with large orchestral scores. Baris is also a FITS instructor for classical composition and composition analysis.


Roston Kirk

Musician, Recording Engineer, Arranger

Roston is multitalented, versatile and excellent in most of the things he does. He engineers, records, arranges and is one of the best bass players in the region. If not on tour with international artists, he instructs in the FITS training, knows apple computers inside out and an important voice in the technological and system improvements at Blink Music.


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