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In the early stages of a career, artists are often overwhelmed by the demands of finding their musical identity. Blink Music has a team of producers and arrangers that assist in all aspects of an artist’s career. Blink offers strong pre-production and co-writing and song development services, in order to provide the artist with direction in their music. We also supply the artist with valuable A&R contacts within the industry as well as several post-production services such as CD design, photography and copyright, trademark and legal protection.

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Blink Music works with a team of producers and arrangers that help artists in the early stages of their production to define and expand upon their style, strength and focus. This includes setting the tone of a production, decisions about arrangement, casting and recording schedules. We have a huge database of talented musicians with a variety of styles and instruments.


Co-writing & Song Development

You’ve got some great songs and some that may need help. Blink offers years of experience in helping artists successfully polish and develop songs. We can even work with you as a co-writer.


A&R Contacts

When you record at Blink, you get more than just a great sounding Album. Our contacts in the recording industry include numerous A&R reps to whom we promote our clients’ music.



From horns to background vocals to sound selections to session players, Blink can create an arrangement that targets your audience and reflects your musical vision and goals. The Blink team has extensive experience and is a group of highly talented arrangers and musicians that will maximize the impact of your recording project.



How an artist is recorded greatly affects the final sound and feel of the record. Using the most advanced, up-to-date digital recording technology available, we focus on making it easy for the artist to deliver great performances. The engineer’s attention and awareness ensures a smooth recording experience. You will enjoy the studio’s acoustics in addition to our high-end equipment. Because our engineers have worked with both classical and contemporary artists we can provide our clients with a well-rounded team of talented and experienced individuals.


Image Consulting

Whether you like it or not, surface impressions are significant and perception is reality when it comes to music. Album covers are your introduction to your audience and convey the purpose of your music along with your CD artwork, promo photos and musical style. All of these elements can have an impact on your musical career. Contact us to see how Blink can help you develop an appealing image that supports your goals.



A great promotional photo can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your image. It can mean the difference between an agent liking your music and that same agent getting on the phone to call you immediately. Blink works with a number of experienced music photographers and can help find the right one for you.


Design & Promotional Artwork

Our designers are experienced in the art of making unique album covers. Let us help you turn your ideas into a marketable image that reflects you. Make your music look as professional as it sounds and stand out from the flood of “demo” tracks.


Copyright, Trademark & Legal Protection

Beyond helping you copyright your songs with the Library of Congress, Blink can offer invaluable advice and experience on the dos and don’ts of publishing and selling songs.


Press Kits & Bios

Whether you want to get signed to a major label or improve your self-promotion, a professional print or electronic press kit is crucial for grabbing public attention. Take your career seriously and let us help by creating a memorable first impression.

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