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The Blink Music Scoring Division offers highest quality dramatic scores for Film, TV, commercials and video games. Led by Tim Lukas, all of our orchestral scorers, writers and programmers have a high degree of interpretive competence and sensitivity to bring the pictures and mood of the scene to life, drawing from a wide spectrum of creative skills in composition, orchestration, and computer/music synthesis.


Blink Music is one of the leading scoring studios in the North East, now featuring high end technology with all major sampling libraries, comparable to the ones used by the top scorers in Los Angeles and NYC. The team at Blink also enjoys Boston's largest collection of samplers, synths, and MIDI gear. The realism of this system needs to be heard to be believed.

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Scoring: Film & Gaming

Catering to all genres, Blink Scoring is our composing and orchestration division for artist productions and film/video work. All of our orchestral scorers, writers, and programmers have extensive experience in their respective fields; our credits include Hollywood film scores and collaborations that range from strictly classical to modern sound design and synthesis.


Jingles & Musical Logos

Whether it’s for websites or TV themes or commercials, the Blink Scoring team is versatile, creative and fast in developing a musical identity for opening titles, start up pages.



From horns to background vocals to sound selections to session players, Blink can create an arrangement that targets your audience and reflects your musical vision and goals. The Blink team has extensive experience and is a group of highly talented arrangers and musicians that will maximize the impact of your recording project.

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