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Our motto "Sonic Excellence" sets the bar high. The accomplishment of this goal is possible through relentless dedication, vast experience, talent, rigorous training and the ability to relate to (and be honest with) our clients.


Blink engineers and producers are handpicked from hundreds of applicants for their ability to excell on technical and musical grounds and have a solid musical foundation as instrumentalists.

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The  previous  examples are in mp3-format and edited to a minute or less. To hear in high resolution and with uncompromising clarity, detail and musicality please schedule a studio tour with us. Find out how your project can benefit from being recorded, mixed, mastered and produced to highest production standards, for maximum impact on the listener.


Enjoy our examples of classical to world music, from the solo piano of Michael Lewin to orchestral, from traditional jazz to the fusion of Tony Grey, from gospel to urban. Find out why international stars like Alicia Silverstone, Dan Akroyd, Manhattan Transfer, Boston Pops, G-love, Tony Levin, Matt Chamberlain and many more, visit Blink Music.

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